Microsoft will start pushing regular Firmware updates to Insider Devices in future just like non-insider Windows 10 Mobile devices. Until that happens they have also added a new option of “Production” in the Windows Insider app to enable Firmware updates for the time being. Here are the steps to use this new option for getting firmware updates on your Insider Devices and also returning back to Insider Preview program once the Firmware update installation is over.

Insider Firmware update

How To get Firmware Updates on Insider Preview Devices:

  1. Open the Windows Insider application on your device
  2. Select “Get preview builds”
    – There will now be three options to choose from:  Insider Fast, Insider Slow, and Production
  3. Select “Production”
  4. Read the presented message and tap “accept” to confirm your selection
  5. Your device may prompt to reboot.  If not, complete a manual reboot.
  6. After the reboot, check for updates.  If available, your device will display an update to receive the newest firmware.
    – Settings > Updates & security > Phone update > (check for updates)

    – If the device shows a “no updates available” message, your device has the most recently available firmware
  7. If available, complete the update by following the on-screen directions
  8. Once installed, re-open the Windows Insider application
  9. Select your desired update ring (Insider Fast or Insider Slow) and reboot as prompted
  10. Your device now has the newest firmware available and is set to receive the next flight when launched for your selected ring



This was the crude way to get Firmware updates on Insider Devices. For how to get Firmware updates now, check the updated part above.

Windows Insider update

With the latest Windows Insider app update, it has now become possible for Windows Insiders to grab Firmware updates from Microsoft’s Production servers. The updated app allows you to leave the programme and the app will attempt to set the phone to received official builds from production server.

How to get new firmware updates:

What you need to do is to go to Menu–>Leave Programme. You will have to again sign in with your Microsoft account and then you will be taken to the first screen below. Once you tap on continue you will taken to the next screen and it will show you that your device is ready to get update from “Production” version. Now, you can go and check for updates and if there is any firmware update available for your devices you will be able to get it.

How to rejoin Insider Programme:

You can rejoin the Insider programme, once you have finished the firmware update. In case you still see all the menu options shown in the above screenshot, you can use “sign in with different account” option and again sign-in with your Microsoft Account to become a Windows Insider again. If you are a Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL user you can grab the firmware updates available for your devices.

Windows Insider Prod

Thanks Haldar & Viktor for the tip. Cheers!!