If IDC’s latest report has to be taken into account it seems that the new Nokia 3310 HMD is the most sold feature phone in Western Europe. This has been revealed by IDC Research Director Francisco Jeronimo in a tweet. The tweet mentions that in Q2 2017, Nokia 3310 was the top selling feature phone in Western Europe.

HMD, the company tasked with bringing Nokia-branded phones ushered into a massive wave of nostalgia with the introduction of new and revamped Nokia 3310. The device was an instant hit with sell-out in many markets across the globe. Even now many buyers complain of not able to get it easily in some markets.

HMD has recently launched Nokia 3310 3G version in a bid to even reach markets like US and Australia where the 2G network is all but dismantled. This should bring in more volume for Nokia 3310 in coming months.