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HMD talks about Nokia Phones release timelines, prices; Quick Charge & Indian market stratgey

HMD yesterday held an event in India, where Tech Media got a chance to meet HMD Product Manager Juho and ask questions. Our Editor Shivam was there to attend the event and he asked questions posted to him by our readers. Here we are summarizing HMD’s replies to some of our questions.

Nokia 3310, 3, 5 and 6 release timelines & Price:

Once again we are in for some disappointment because not even Nokia 3310 availability for India was announced. HMD Execs kept on repeating June release timeline for all Nokia Phones including Nokia 3310. Nokia 3310 has however been announced as “shipping”, so one can expect a sooner than June release, though HMD didn’t confirm exact timelines for India.

Coming to pricing, it seems we can expect an EUR to INR conversion for pricing in India. For example, Nokia 6 has been priced EUR 229 officially that converts to INR 16138 in India.

Nokia 5 & 6 Quick-Charge confusion:

Nokia 5 and 6 are powered by Snapdragon 430 processor. Now Snapdragon 430 processor supports Quick Charge 3.0 while Nokia 5 and 6 don’t. This certainly needed some clarification from HMD. What we got as a reply is not entirely convincing but HMD claims that they focused more on getting great Battery Life on Nokia 5 and 6 instead of going for quick- charge. As per HMD,

We equipped it with 3000mAh battery and compared it with other similar (Price range) 3000mah battery phones and found the Nokia 6 to last for the whole day while others needed recharge after 3-3:30PM.

Strategy for India:

This is what HMD told us about strategy for Indian market,

We have concluded a survey in Indian market and found that people want Nokia to be here. They want to buy it ASAP. We provide better devices compared to Chinese players whether it’s Device design, hand feel, software experience or updates

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  • infinidim

    They really need to answer the “quick charge” issue properly.

  • DBS

    The more I see about the way HMD is handling things the less confidence I have in them to successfully pull the rebirth off. They seem to be making the exact same mistakes of the Nokia of old: they skip basic things and dodge questions about it; they announce things and don’t bring them to the market for months etc etc

    • Kamal

      I would say they are after all a start-up and targeting mostly Nokia fans with these first product launches. As per my discussion with HMD team, it seems we can expect much shorter fulfillment time as far as launch to release gap is concerned in further product launches.

      • DBS

        I surely hope so because if they’re targeting mostly Nokia fans, the last thing they need is to p*ss us off with the waiting. We’ve already been waiting for over 2 years.
        It’s bad enough that they presented only some beautifully constructed but absolutely uninspired and bland low end phones. It’s hard enough to be objectively excited for the Nokia 3, 5 and 6 without the endless waiting.

        Also…they definitely have to work on their messaging. Continuing with the copy/paste answers isn’t good policy in my book :

        • Melwyn castelino

          So true . Waiting for Nokia 9 . Hope it atleast launch in 2017

  • Highly disappointed to see the pricing. Xiaomi will kick Nokia out in no time with that price for that specs. Nokia should consider Xiaomi as their main rival.

    • Melwyn castelino

      Ya competitions awaits them but a Nokia is a Nokia phone after all . People will buy it for sure

    • H4DE5

      Nokia won’t sell for cheap cos of its brand value. It’s either good innards or Brand name and reliability. Samsung has been pricing their devices similarly, but has Xiaomi kicked out Samsung yet? Nokia won’t be competing against Xiaomi or other Chinese competitors, they’ll compete against Apple,Samsung, LG, HTC.

      • akcme

        Lets not live in a fool’s paradise. Nokia is not competing with Samsung/Apple/LG/HTC with 3310, Nokia 3, 5, and 6. They are definitely competing with Chinese phone makers with 3, 5, and 6. There was a reason Nokia failed in India at low end phones (over priced/premium) in smartphone segment and that was Nokia’s arrogance related to its brand and thinking that people will pay any price to get their phones. So many phone makers ate Nokia’s lunch in low end of the market. Xiaomi is selling like hot cakes in India and they have been consistent with their pricing (in fact they barely drop their prices even after 6 months). Nokia got to offer value to their users and start fresh like a new start up if they think people are gonna pay premium for their devices, they can definitely pack their bench and leave the market, no one will miss them except few fan boys.