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HMD sends invites for a Global Nokia launch event on October 31 in India

October was always going to be a very interesting and significant month for Nokia fans and now HMD has made it official. Invites for a global Nokia Phones launch event have been sent to media and the great news is that this event is scheduled to happen in India this time.

The event will be held on October 31 in capital Delhi. The invitation mentions “the next milestone for Nokia Phones” and we can play the guessing game already. Nokia 7 may be a contender but as much we have heard this is global launch event and Nokia 7 is already official, so we can expect a Nokia 2 and a Nokia 9 too.

Nokia 9 is the ultimate flagship from HMD that will come with in-fashion Bezel-less design and better specs than Nokia 8. Nokia 2 is the ultimate budget smartphone that has leaked multiple times already and may be priced at $99 in the US.

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  • Douchenstein

    They better not put NOKIA at the bottom bezel, i hate phones that have the brand name on them, on the front particularly, i might just go if they to that for the OP 5T

  • Lawrence Jerome Braganza

    axiom uae shows nokia 9 coming soon in their website, so there is high chance that nokia 9 is going to launch on the 31st of October in India.

    • 777sasha3331

      Can you provide a link?

      • Lawrence Jerome Braganza

        Sorry it’s not seen anymore.. May be it was put by mistake earlier

  • saravanan s

    I Expect Nokia 2 (Low) ,7 (Mid) and Nokia 9 (High), as similar or earlier as Nokia 3 (Low), Nokia 5 (Mid) and Nokia 6(High) released in Q1-Q2 2017..

    am eagerly waiting for Nokia 9 with 3.5 mm, otherwise Nokia 9 lovers will not get benefit of Nokia OZO Audio ..

    • Rob Beijendorf

      OZO Audio is just a spatial sound recording solution. It’s completely irrelevant if a device has a 3.5 mm port or not for OZO Audio to work.

  • mehmet

    well it was about time
    if they were waited more it would be stupid no one wants to buy a sd835 phone when they can get something better in 1-2 months

  • serversurfer

    I strongly hope that this event will introduce the Nokia 9… the Nokia 7 was already shown in china- I see no need to repeat this exposure of the 7… “the next milestone” suggests something important, something significant… Nevertheless the 7 seems to be an awesome deal, but the 9 is the stuff we are waiting for…

  • Sahil Malik

    I believe that is to be nokia 7. Nokia 7 is one of the ph much awaited in india since the time nokia 6 launched. Because people weren’t happy with 430 processor of nokia 6. And it will be global launch event of nokia 7 as china version is different. Hoping it price below 25000.

  • Gerrard Jr

    exciting times!

  • Rob Beijendorf

    We haven’t even seen an assembled, let alone a functional Nokia 9 leaked yet. I’m not entirely convinced we’re going to see a Nokia 9 already. (But let’s hope we do – I need one!)

    Similar to the Lumia 5XX, India is the main market for the high-quality low-end devices. I’m hedging my bets on HMD launching the Nokia 2 now, hence why they have the event in India. It’s the main market for it.

    • Sahil Malik

      It will not be nokia 2 alone. Nokia 7 must released along with it. They will not kept special launch event only for nokia 2. If they were to release nokia 2 alone they will release in press not an event for that

      • DK

        I hope it is Nokia 2 also..A good time to release for Indian market.

        • Sahil Malik

          Yes it will be nokia 2 but along with nokia 7.

  • 777sasha3331

    Your sources says about launch N9 in this day?