HMD Global VP Sanmeet Kochhar has promised mid-range 5G Nokia smartphones for Indian market. He revealed HMD’s plans to bring cheaper 5G Nokia smartphones to masses in an interview.

Kochhar talked about aiming to drive feature phone to smartphone migration in India. He claimed that 2020 was a sustainable and profitable year for them in India. Talking about future plans for India he mentioned bringing mid-segment 5G smartphones.

The handset maker has aggressive plans to grow its feature phone and smartphone business in India. Kocchar said that it is aiming to drive feature phone to smartphone migration this year but will continue to focus on its feature phone business, which grew in 2020.

“We had a sustainable and profitable year in India in 2020. we will launch smartphones in the mid-segment for smartphones and will bring 5G phones,” he said.

In fact, Sanmeet has talked about bringing customized smartphones for Indian market in an earlier interview too. He also said that the funding of $250 million that HMD raised earlier will be used for democratizing 5G and bringing 5G to masses in year 2021.

HMD is planning to launch at least four 5G smartphones in year 2021. Two of them may even get launched in the first quarter of 2021. One of them will be powered by Snapdragon 690 and another by Snapdragon 480 processor as confirmed by the company officially. Read more details about these upcoming Nokia smartphones by clicking here.

HMD has entered in deals with many Indian contract manufacturers including Lava and Dixon for manufacturing Nokia phones and smartphones. While the immediate target is growing local eco-system, HMD is evaluating exports angle too.

“We want to expand this with multiple EMS partners, mainly Indian companies. We are taking steps in this direction. We are evaluating exports from India,”