HMD Global vice president Sanmeet Kochhar has talked about company’s focus in year 2021 in an interview. He acknowledged Indian market as “important” and that it will be catered by “customized” Nokia devices. He also talked about launching more affordable 5G Nokia smartphones in year 2021.

We are looking at India as an important market and the first thing that we are going to do is look at products which are customized for the Indian market. Second is 5G, which is an important space that we have decided to play in, and we are looking at how we can launch more affordable 5G devices this year.

India not only matters as an important market for Nokia phones but will also matter from the sourcing point of view. HMD Global is closely evaluating India as an export hub too.

HMD will keep communicating about its differentiation in terms of future-proof software on the Nokia smartphones. It will also keep its focus on enterprise space where there is more value for a secure software and reliable hardware.

Our overall focus will be on communicating our differentiation from competitors. Our differentiation lies in terms of having a better, future-proof software. When you are buying a Nokia phone, you are getting software which is going to last for much longer and then you will not be forced to change your device (as frequently).

And then, finally the enterprise space. This is an important one for us, and we will continue to see how we can focus on this space to provide the right kind of proposition for our fans.

HMD is planning to launch at least four 5G smartphones in year 2021. Two of them may even get launched in the first quarter of 2021. One of them will be powered by Snapdragon 690 and another by Snapdragon 480 processor as confirmed by the company officially. Read more details about these upcoming Nokia smartphones by clicking here.

VIAFinancial Express