HMD promised monthly security updates and regular system OS updates for Nokia Android Phones. So, we reached to them to understand how well the promise has been kept till now and since Android 7.1.2 is out now, when will Nokia Phones get it.

So, it seems Nokia 6 in China, where it has been out in January 2017, has received March Security updates already. As told to us by HMD PR team, April Security update is on its way for Nokia 6.

China users got march security update already and April update is on the way

When we asked about Android 7.1.2 Nougat update release plans for Nokia Android Phones, we got the familiar official response of “we are committed to regular updates”. On prodding further team told that they will announce when it is ready.

We are committed to monthly security update and regular system system update. For your specific enquirers, Let me save the news for later. We will announce when time is ready.

So, while there is no direct confirmation from HMD team on Android 7.1.2, we can understand that update is already in works and will be released after proper testing.

But this is quite promising to see monthly security updates already rolling-out on a regular basis and a firm promise of timely OS updates. Lack of regular Android updates have been a big worry for Android smartphone users and if HMD stays true to its promise this will further help in wider adoption of Nokia Android Phones.

Source: As told to Nokiapoweruser team exclusively.