installs[11]Adduplex has just presented Windows Phone sales growth over Christmas measured in terms of spurt in apps installs, in some neat looking charts. One can certainly notice apps installs growing handsomely over 25th and 26th December and continue to be higher than before since then (a healthy trend that shows that the trend captured here is correct). We have already seen reports crediting 5.8% of smartphone sales over Christmas to Windows Phone.

It is great to see Lumia 735 registering highest percentage growth over the Christmas period, but in terms of absolute numbers, it is the 6th Lumia device with highest growth, still impressive though.

If we look at the growth in absolute numbers it is all in the lower end: Lumia 530, 520, 630, 635 and 625. With Lumia 735 at #6 and BLU Win HD at #19.

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