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A user with close insider ties has leaked screenshot showing 1080p resolution and Lumia 929 name of the device. He further confirms details like no MicroSd card, 32 / 64 GB, 20 MP camera similar to Lumia 1520 that you may have already read on our Lumia 929 page. Also, he mentions release near “Thanksgiving day”. Being a Verizon device it will come as GSM unlocked and the user has tested it with both AT&T and T-Mobile SIM cards.

He has further posted a hands-on video of the device showing it from all angles. He mentions camera as killer, and has posted an imaging sample with Exif data clearly mentioning Lumia 929 as model name and the camera aperture as f/2.4 similar to Lumia 1520‘s camera.

47989d1382840663-wp_20131026_18_30_12_proWatch the video below or click here,

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Source: WPC forum