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This Lumia 950 XL low-light 4K video sample looks great

Last we brought to you a 4K video sample captured with Lumia 950 XL camera via a channel on YouTube. We also posted a shootout between Lumia 950 XL and LG G4 cameras posted...

Lumia 950 camera’s 4K video sample is simply awesome!!

A YouTube Channel has posted a Lumia 950 4K video sample and it is mind-blowing(ly) good. We have earlier posted videos from this channel pitting Lumia devices against competitor devices in camera comparison and...

Lumia 950 XL camera shows its prowess in a new image

We have seen some awesome looking images captured with Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL camera earlier in the official post and even posted by one user on Reddit. Now one more image captured...

Nokia N1 rear camera details & sample image

We know that Nokia N1 will be released today in China and while we have all the specs and features listed at our dedicated product page, not much was known about the rear 8...

Lumia 530 camera review. Imaging shootout with Lumia 525, stills & video samples.

Lumia 530, the latest entry level Lumia comes with great pricing, much lower than what Lumia 520 commanded after its launch. So, one of the changes made from Lumia 520 to keep the cost...

Lumia 2520 Display Test Video

For this video I pulled up a sample 1080p video from youtube, and played it on the Lumia 2520.  This video is recorded in 1080p so you can see it just as crisp as...

Gaming Sample on the Nokia Lumia Icon

The Nokia Lumia Icon is not known for just its Snapdragon 800 processor, it also has this 1080p display, and when you combine a good processor and display you get nothing less than a...

Nokia Lumia 1520 video sample

  My time with the Nokia Lumia 1520 is almost up, which means the full review is on its way, but I have a short video sample from a Louisiana Mardi Gras parade for you...

Nokia Lumia Icon promo video and captured sample image.

Time for Lumia Icon promo video now, which has just been released by Nokia, Sample image:

Nokia Lumia 1320 camera review & sample pictures gallery.

We got opportunity to play with Lumia 1320 and we have already posted some videos: unboxing and first impressions, inserting sim, setup tutorials etc. We are also reviewing its camera separately as we know...

Weekend Watch: Black Sabbath Live-concert recorded with Lumia 1520. Two other rich-recording samples.

Lumia 1520 is the latest live-concert recording champ from house of Nokia and rightly so, as it improves upon the already awesome rich-recording quality of earlier Lumias. With its 4 HAAC mics it records...

Weekend Watch: Lumia 1520 outdoor, indoor & night sample videos & preview with a...

In weekend watch, we are bringing three sample videos captured with a pre-production unit of Lumia 1520 along with a long preview video all of them posted by PhoneArena. The final software may be...

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