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Groove Music UWP app for Windows 10 updated with a number of fixes

Groove Music has received a new update for Windows 10 and Windows 10 devices on Fast Ring of the Insider program The new version is 3.6.2090.0. The latest update brings lots of fixes. Check out the full Changelog below:

Groove Music Changelog:

This update contains the following changes:

  • Fixed five bugs affecting vision-impaired users
  • Fixed six issues that could result in an app crash
  • Fixed an issue where the playback bar got stuck while in “repeat one” mode
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the system media controls from updating when rapidly hitting next

With the latest flight for PC (build 14342), you should also have a fix for the following previously advertised known issue.

  • [FIXED]: Playing music in Groove within 2 minutes after logging into your PC will result in 0xc10100ae playback errors. If you wait more than 2 minutes after logging in to play music in Groove Music you will avoid this issue
Groove Music
Groove Music
Developer: Microsoft Corporation
Price: Free

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  • Kamal

    Yeah, but seems App update was not sufficient to fix it. The OS update was needed or else Microsoft won’t mention it again.

    • Pyrobri

      People were reporting that it did indeed fix the error. In fact, on PC I got the update and I could listen to music on it again.
      It does not help with why myself and a bunch of others are not seeing the update in the store for phone..
      Going back to my previous point, I think maybe the update was PC only and rather than push the same update to phone they are waiting for a full OS release for some reason..

  • Pyrobri

    I’m still stuck on 3.6.1886.0 didn’t ever see the last update and can’t see this one either.

    Still stuck with the 0x8004c029 DRM playback error which means I have not been able to use Groove for getting on for a month now, glad I paid for a subscription..!!

    Does anyone know how to force the update to come through, I have tried leaving the insider program, rejoining, switching between slow and fast. Found out how to remove Groove from PC and re-install but can’t work out how to do similar on mobile. The last thing I can think of is a full reset but I really don’t want to do that as everything else is running sweeeet.

    • Kamal

      What is your OS build number??

      • Pyrobri

        I also tried removing and reinstalling the insider app vs using the new baked in tool

      • Pyrobri

        Also not seeing the Outlook one referenced in another artcle

      • Pyrobri

        I take it you had nothing to offer? 🙁

        • Kamal

          I think the latest Build 14342 fixes this issue on PC. So, expect next build for Mobile to do so.. Bit more patience!!

          • Pyrobri

            Build 2078 of Groove was meant to have fixed this issue, we have since had a release of 2084 and 2090. People have reported these app updates have fixed that problem weeks ago, but I can’t seem to get any of those updates. I have plenty of patience when we are waiting for a fix but when one is available and I can’t get it it becomes annoying.

            • Kamal

              The official blog post for 14342 mentions,
              We have fixed the issue causing DRM-protected content from services like Groove Music, Microsoft Movies & TV, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video or Hulu from being playable with playback with 0x8004C029 or 0x8004C503 errors.

              • Pyrobri

                I am not saying that the new OS release hasn’t got it fixed, I am saying that there was an app update weeks ago that fixed it. Have included the URL and snippet below from this very site reporting that it has been fixed so why do we need to wait weeks more for an OS update.
                The other point to this is why have there been multiple app updates but people are not able to see them. I went over to the Groove forums and it turns out this is a common question. I am now thinking that the app has been updated in the store but only for PC devices. If this is the case they should tell you it is only for PC or at least have the app version info visible in the store so we can check for ourselves. ‘Oh look, it’s a different app version in the PC vs Mobile store, it can’t have been released for that yet, I wont keep checking everyday trying to work out why my mobile is not working properly’..

                From this site:

                Windows Phone Apps & Games Windows Phone Devices by Nisha – May 4, 2016 0
                The new version is 3.6.2078.0.
                Groove Music Changelog:
                [FIXED] You might not be able to play music via your Groove Music Pass (error 0x8004C029). Thank you for your patience since this was introduced in OS build 14328! We realize how impactful it was and apologize for the inconvenience.

  • Siwik Kiwis

    Is that a real screenshot of groove music with Artist view? I don’t have multi column thumbnail view. Mine only shows one column with thumbnails and names alongside it.

    • Kamal

      We changed the image 😛