Modders over the XDA Forum have been able to tweak the latest Google Camera app for Pixel devices, that comes with yet-to-be-launched “Night Sight Mode” feature in a disabled state. This feature that allows one to capture great low-light images without using a flash was enabled by XDA Senior Member cstark27 by recompiling the app.

Now, the great news is that while the source article over XDA doesn’t mention availability for Nokia smartphones we were able to install and test it on Nokia 7 Plus, 6.1 Plus and another version on Nokia 8 and Nokia 6.1. It works fine on Nokia 7 Plus and the other devices mentioned above and even Night Sight mode is available as can be seen in the above screenshot. In case it crashes while capturing a photo you need to do “motion off” from the top menu and it works just fine after that.

APK Download:

You can download the APK by clicking here (Original source). In case it doesn’t work or the APK has issues in opening here is the APK download link that we uploaded from our Nokia 7 Plus on which it is working fine. It works on Nokia 6.1 Plus (tested on running Pie Beta) too.

Another version (Thanks Kunal for he tip) that has been ported from a MI smartphone and works on Oreo smartphones like Nokia 8 and Nokia 6.1. Download it from here. In case you have tried installing the APK from original source or from Nokia 7 Plus before then first uninstall that and then try installing this one.

It doesn’t support Nokia 5.1 Plus however. Readers may check it on their smartphones and please let us know in comments.

We are comparing this Google Camera app on Nokia 7 Plus to the default Nokia Camera app in terms of imaging quality and will post a comparison soon. stay tuned..