Our regular reader “Torcida” tipped us with a video link . This video has been captured by 808 pureview and is named “Glimpses of a Finnish Spring” by the person who recorded and uploaded this video. I am really envious of this man, because he got a chance to play with this monster. Nokia are you listening !!

Ok, now coming to the video, this is one of the better videos captured by 808 pureview yet. Amazing clarity, color accentuation, smoothness and Bokeh capturing are major highlights of this video. Check few of the screenshots below.



More about the video from the author,

  • All videos shot using only Nokia 808 and tripod. NO macro lenses or other lenses used. All video samples in this video are straight from the camera. I have not done any processing to the video but only pasted them together using Sony Vegas video editor. The audio is also separately recorded with Nokia 808 phone. I wanted to switch the original audio tracks because they were so noisy because of the wind.
  • Additional Info: Shooting with Nokia 808 when capturing starts the CAF (Continuous AutoFocus) is on but it can be overridden simply by tapping the screen at point where one wants the focus to be. Most of the scenes I tapped the scene in the beginning of capturing in order to master the focus where I wanted it to be. (Naturally I edited this part away at editor)
  • I used automatic mode at the scenes where I switched the focus from near to far away or wise versa. Even with automatic mode it is possible to shoot quite close. The flower scenes were shot at macro mode along with the snail clips. At automatic mode it is not possible to focus far away or to infinity.
  • Someone commented somewhere that it is possible to rule out those focus transitions since it does not look artistic. Well, I wanted to leave them to the video so that people will get right impression who the focus works. Naturally these transitions can be eliminated at video editor.