puzzle petGood news for game lovers!!!

Gameloft has now  released a new game “Puzzle Pets” into the Windows Phone Store. This is a 3- match puzzle adventure game with featuring cute pets . These pets have lots of personality and loads of special abilities for unpredictable and adorable fun!

Puzzle Pets Features:

– Match up to 6 pets & create over 10 colourful combos!
– Watch these pets turn into Helpers during your adventure, unveiling stunning new tricks!
– Train and master these Helpers to clear the island of its threats: ice, iron, poison plants…
– Progress through snowy mountains, lush forests and 5 other uniquely themed islands packed with enchanting scenery thanks to 126 exciting levels.
– Find your favourite strategy with 7 boosters from the spectacular Tornado to the curious Chameleon’s Tongue!
– Join exciting in-game events and help the community unlock precious rewards, including extra cool and rare Helpers during breathtaking boss battles!
– See what your friends are up to and what special events are happening directly from the World Map & Leaderboards.

Install link