freechargeFreeCharge: Recharge mobile, DTH, Data card has received a new update for Windows Phone Devices. The new version is 3.0.0. The latest update are major one which included lots of new features.

FreeCharge Changelog:

Reloaded app:
We realized that there is no reason why recharge should take time. Recharging should be a simple activity and that is exactly what we set out for in our Windows app.

Recharge faster:
Since recharging is an act that you perform for a “person”, we believed that making that person the “hero” would ease your recharging process. Just select the person you’d want to recharge for and pick a denomination. QuickPay to finish your recharge in a jiffy.

Add numbers that you recharge for frequently as favorites. Swipe to the favorites category and recharge. Also, you can pin your favorites to the start screen which enables you to click on the number you’d want to recharge for from the home screen and quickpay to recharge.

The job’s simple. Enroll numbers that you’d love to do a recharge for as a one time activity. Choose the mode that you’d want to recharge for, or pay a bill for.

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Thanx Sheik Althaf for this tip!!!