apps.8277.9007199266464080.13b4c431-1b15-4a1a-8556-7713870967d6.01fb9edb-5eea-403c-af91-77e7b36ad1eaThe Windows phone app which has gone free next as myAppFree app of the day is Find the City.

Find the City Details:

This game will improve your geography knowledge and you will enjoy playing it (while learning about our planet)!

When you start playing, you are asked to find a city, which could be anywhere on the planet. In the easy levels, the city is always a capital. As the game progresses, it gets more difficult and you are not given capital cities; this way, your geography knowledge improves every time you play the game…

Your goal for this geography game is to find your target as quickly as possible, by flicking and pinching the screen to move about the planet and clicking a button when you have the city in your crosshairs. The closer you get to the target and the quicker you find it, the more points (and knowledge) you get. It gets more interesting when you have to find small towns, instead of a capital… Play often enough and your geography knowledge will improve dramatically! You’ll learn about thousands of towns and villages on our planet, not just capital cities.

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