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Facebook’s voice assistant ‘M’ to find a place in the video calling interface


Facebook is reportedly working on M, its digital voice assistant, to give it a much-needed boost. The social media giant is now Integrating M deeper into Facebook. As a result, the Facebook digital assistant in coming days will help users with various things while they are on video calls(via Wong). Those unaware, Facebook launched its digital assistant back in 2015 but it failed to grab enough attention among the Facebook users. Now with this new capability, it could just turn the table.

This feature, if ever rolls out to the public, will help users to stay more productive. Even though at this point we don’t have anything on the table except for the user interface, we can interpret how M can help users. For example, those who use Facebook video calls for whatever purpose they can just ask the digital assistant to find a particular picture or even a post when required or can even ask to look for a particular person or his/her recent, without having to minimize the video calling interface.

Interestingly, Facebook’s voice assistant M, unlike other assistants does not completely rely on technology, it is artificial intelligence plus the Facebook employees(a.k.a. M trainers) who ensure that no questions go unanswered.

Those who haven’t seen the Facebook M in action, check out the below video which will give you some idea.


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