At an interview with CNN Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg while discussing some of the positive impacts of the social networking site, stressed the fact that due to Facebook a lot of small businesses were able to grow in every capacity.

Making it easier for businesses to thrive, the company is planning to introduce a new feature that will enable Facebook group owners to be more knowledgeable about their users’ activities on their page.

On her Twitter handle, Wong has posted a screenshot on which under the settings option you have a new entry named Keyword Alerts. A tap on the new entry would take owners to a window where they can write keywords of their choice. Once group owners save the settings, they will receive alerts every single time when the members of the group use those words on the group timeline or on any post.

This feature enables creators and businesses to know more about what their fans(or customers) want. Admins and moderators who are planning to experiment with a particular topic and have no idea if it would at all make sense can now put the relevant words related to the topic and then can decide according to the result. And the best of all, members of the group won’t be able to know about any such alerts.

There is another way admins and moderators can be benefitted. The feature allows the respective group owners to find and block members who tend to spread hatred, abuse other members, or does make questionable comments which go against how they want things to be.

The feature, however, is the fundamental concept of how we look for traffic on a particular keyword. You find tons of companies ready to provide all these data but unlike Facebook, you need to pay to use their services.