WhatsApp has started to roll-out the support for 3rd-party animated sticker packs import. The support is now live in India, Brazil and Indonesia, it seems.

The compatible WhatsApp for Android versions for this feature is and newer. Though updating to Android Beta can help to get the feature quickly in the above-mentioned countries.

With the support enabled now, users can use an app like “Sticker Maker” for creating animated sticker packs. You can just download the Sticker maker, create a sticker pack and pick a video or GIF from your camera roll. Sticker Maker converts it to a webp file that can be imported to WhatsApp.

You need to keep few thigs in mind, however. According to WhatsApp guidelines, a sticker pack can contain only static or animated stickers. So, you may face issue if a sticker pack has a mix of both. A sticker pack must contain at least 3 stickers for being imported.

More countries may get support for 3rd-party animated sticker packs import soon. We will keep you updated when that happens.

Sticker Maker download link