We just reported about 2017 Lumia / Surface Phone flagship that can come equipped with yet unannounced Snapdragon 830 processor and here is an evidence that not only surprisingly confirms Snapdragon 830 support coming with Windows 10 Mobile Redstone so early in the day, but also leaks Snapdragon 830 aka MSM8998 out. Yes, apart from some claims from a Chinese analyst, nobody has even seen Snapdragon 830 listed anywhere officially. But wait, there is more as the official Windows 10 Mobile page also confirms support for Snapdragon 625 aka MSM8953, the latest Octa-core processor for mid-range smartphones announced in February 2016 by Qualcomm.

Snapdragon 830- Snapdragon 625

Snapdragon 830 is rumored to have 10 nm architecture and will support up to 8 GB of RAM. Snapdragon 625 will have 14 nm architecture and supports up to 2 GHz clocking speed. It is yet not known how many cores Snapdragon 830 will come with but Snapdragon 820 is some example Qualcomm is not bothered about number of cores anymore. So Microsoft may be planning to bring one or more interesting mid-rangers running Snapdragon 625 as well aprt from the Flagship running Snapdragon 830.