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Exclusive: Nokia 9 headset port integrated into the charging port. USB adapter earphones may be part of the retail package

Many reports and even our sources confirmed that Nokia 9 will not come with a 3.5 mm headphone jack. But now our sources tell us that Nokia 9 will have its headphone/headset port integrated into the charging port or the USB port.

The retail package may even have a USB adaptor earphone which will be paired with the integrated charging or USB port. It will work for both charging the phone as well for listening to the audio. The source who tipped us about this was not able to confirm that the USB adaptor earphone will be part of the retail package.

Recently we have reported images of Nokia 9 dummy via many cases/cover listings in the US and the UK.

Nokia 9 Details:

As per the leaked images and a leaked display panel, Nokia 9 will sport an edge to edge 3D glass display and a virtually bezel-less design. We have heard from our sources that Nokia 9 will come with 6GB/8GB RAM, 128GB ROM, IP68 certification. It will also have a fingerprint scanner on the back just below the camera.

As per a tip received by us earlier, Nokia 9 may be price around EUR 749 in European markets. You can read all that we know about Nokia 9 at our dedicated Nokia 9 page.



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  • RedPanda87

    Was this weird picture provided by a source/is it based on anything, or is it just something you’ve mocked up to illustrate the lack of a port?

    • Kamal

      Yes, indeed this and some more 3D sketches were sent by a source. will share more of them in a post later, though hardly anything new is revealed other than confirmation of lack of 3.5 headphone jack.

  • efjay

    Dummies blindly jumping on the apple bandwagon instead of thinking for themselves.

    • Rob Beijendorf

      Apple wasn’t the first manufacturer to remove the 3.5 mm port. Among others, LeEco, HTC and Motorola all did it before Apple. Apple was just one of the larger brands to do it, which prompted the rest of the industry to dare take the same step.

      It was the same when nobody dared removing the 3.5″ floppy disk drives until Apple removed it. Removing the 3.5 mm port from phones have a lot of benefits, where Essential cites a 10 % larger battery and thinner bezels, while Razer cited a 500 mAh larger battery and better thermals. Apple on the other hand managed to squeeze in 245 mAh more battery, get IP67 water resistance and a larger Taptic Engine.

      The drawback is of course not being able to use old 3.5 mm headphones without a dongle. But as time goes by, we’ll all move over to USB-C headphones or Bluetooth, which have their own benefits.

  • Fancy way to say it doesn’t have a 3.5mm headphone jack.

    • o4komodo

      Right???? I hate NPU writers sometimes. They release a lot of non-stories and have poor editing. I question why I go here sometimes but they’re also one of the few Nokia sites left.

      • Checkout Nokiamob if you’ve not already. They post Regular articles and maybe you’ll find it better.

        • o4komodo

          Yeah I actually discovered them last week. But it’s habitual for me to go to NPU since I’ve been using it more. Thanks for the recommendations though

          • NokiaPowerUser & Nokiamob are two websites i read mostly.

      • Kamal

        Please don’t force urself if you u don’t like to. It is so harsh on urself.

        • o4komodo

          I come for the news and rumors as most other Nokia fans.

          I understand that half the writers here don’t have English as their first language but it would still be nice to at least avoid non-stories.

        • 777sasha3331

          Please say released date !!!!!

  • saravanan s

    Atleast they can release or put Nokia Active Wireless Head Phone BH 501 in Nokia 9 Box.

  • 777sasha3331

    When announce?!

    • Kamal
      • 777sasha3331

        Several times You have answered me, that the release will definitely take place this year. However, almost 2 weeks ago, you wrote that retail sources hinted you to cancel those plans and postpone the announcement for next year. Now you write that the announcement did take place for new year holidays! You can determine its position given the information provided by your sources?) The same thing happens with features, starting with the month of may you wrote all the time about the presence of the scanner iris, but now it is not write. Moreover, not so long ago You wrote about the fact that the camera in Nokia 9 will be better than the Nokia 8, and now claim that story they are the same. This is very important, can comment on it?

        • Kamal

          I understand your comment but one must understand that launch/release plans keep changing when it comes at marketing stage. Unless we are 100% sure about something we don’t claim it to be happening. For example we got this tip as 100% confirmed and it did come true.

          With Nokia 9, HMD has been keeping things tightly under wraps. What we get from sources is still subject to change. So, here is the thing. What we mention on that updated page is the latest info that we have. Bookmark it as we will keep it updated as we come to know more.

        • knut solvang

          if the camera is the same as nokia 8, i say: shame on you HMD, its a crappy camera.. :(, not possible to take nightshots, or shots in dark scenes, 🙁 its nokias worst camera on a topmodel in many many years.. i have to bring my lumia 950 to take pics in afternoon and night…

          • Kamal

            Totally disagree. Nokia 8 Camera is very powerful hardware wise. Check our review.

            • knut solvang

              But it doesn’t support shutterspeed more than max 0.6sec. So not much light come in. So nightshots sucks.

              • Kamal

                That can be solved with help of software tweak, so is not end of the road.

                • knut solvang

                  Well it better happen fast. They should learn from Microsoft errors. Important fixes and updates should come quickly.

          • Rob Beijendorf

            I very much doubt they’ll use the same camera modules in Nokia 9, given its higher price point and far more sizeable camera bump (+1 mm) compared to the Nokia 8.
            That’d place it on par with the iPhone X in terms of thickness at the camera (Nokia 9: 8.9 mm vs iPhone X: 9.1 mm). And the iPhone X is performing admirably in lower light, even better than the Pixel 2 and far better than any Samsung device.

            Interestingly enough, both the iPhone X and Nokia 9 camera humps are exactly 1.4 mm.

            If HMD also figure out how to combine the sensor information from the monochrome module, it’s going to outclass every other current flagship camera out there.

            Part of me kind of suspect the reason it’s taking so long to release the Nokia 9 is because the camera software isn’t completed yet. HMD, Nokia Technologies and Zeiss need to master their software first, and until they have we won’t see their flagship. They know very well they need to release a headline-worthy device if they hope to capture the market.

            • knut solvang

              Hope so. Because Nokia 8’s camera is not worthy the Nokia brand. It’s a top model, and compare to the other top models. Ex. Shutterspeed is max 0,6 sec. So I can’t take nice moonlight pics, or of aurora borealis. It’s grainy or just black. Daylight pics is OK, but not top notch. I miss my 1020, it has a broken screen. So I always bring my Lumia 950.

  • Rob Beijendorf

    This is the same as all the other single-port USB-C phones on the market though, isn’t it?

    • mehmet

      it appears it is
      but i have faith on nokia i believe that they will pust something worthy on this phone
      but i just wish that heyll use a classic screen not an edge screen

    • Kamal

      May be. But that doesn’t mean it was known in the case of Nokia 9. Was it??

      • Rob Beijendorf

        Certainly. But it was pretty expected, as USB audio has been supported since Android 5.0. 🙂

        The more curious question is whether they’ll allow for analogue audio via the USB-C port (a purely optional functionality in the USB-C specification), or if they’ll stick with digital audio-out. Either is fine really, but analogue audio pass-through would allow for fully passive 3.5 mm adapters and splitters, which is far cheaper.