Nokia-N9Some very interesting info about Nokia’s smartphone ambitions from our sources. While CEO Rajeev Suri has confirmed that Nokia will be back to smartphones once the agreement with Microsoft is over in 2016, we hear from our sources that it will be none other than Foxconn that will be entrusted with the manufacturing of first Nokia Android smartphones.

Foxconn is currently manufacturing Nokia N1, the first commercial Nokia product designed by Nokia Technologies. Nokia N1 has been a success in China¬†and all of its batches have sold out in minutes. It also won the best Android Tablet award in China. Now is also available in Taiwan. But in spite of Nokia’s stated plans to bring it to more markets it has yet to arrive in any other market.

Coming to Nokia smartphones, as per our sources, India, China and some European countries may be the first launch markets. Nokia will be launching global marketing campaign and official product sites by end of the year for keeping its brand momentum going and may be for some upcoming VR devices and professional cameras. We have seen some evidence to suggest that Nokia is planning a major marketing campaign in near future.