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Exclusive: First Nokia Android smartphones to be manufactured by Foxconn. India, China & Europe to be the first markets.


Nokia-N9Some very interesting info about Nokia’s smartphone ambitions from our sources. While CEO Rajeev Suri has confirmed that Nokia will be back to smartphones once the agreement with Microsoft is over in 2016, we hear from our sources that it will be none other than Foxconn that will be entrusted with the manufacturing of first Nokia Android smartphones.

Foxconn is currently manufacturing Nokia N1, the first commercial Nokia product designed by Nokia Technologies. Nokia N1 has been a success in China and all of its batches have sold out in minutes. It also won the best Android Tablet award in China. Now is also available in Taiwan. But in spite of Nokia’s stated plans to bring it to more markets it has yet to arrive in any other market.

Coming to Nokia smartphones, as per our sources, India, China and some European countries may be the first launch markets. Nokia will be launching global marketing campaign and official product sites by end of the year for keeping its brand momentum going and may be for some upcoming VR devices and professional cameras. We have seen some evidence to suggest that Nokia is planning a major marketing campaign in near future.

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  • SpankerOfMonkeys

    “Nokia will be launching global marketing campaign and official product sites by end of the year and we have seen some evidence to suggest that Nokia is planning a major marketing campaign in near future.”
    …except that none of that can actually happen.
    As you say, Nokia and Microsoft have an existing arrangement in place, which gives MS exclusive rights to use the Nokia name on phones until next year. Microsoft exercised its right to drop the Nokia name from its Lumia smartphones earlier than it had to, presumably because it wanted to start using its own brand on the phones sooner than later.
    But Nokia isn’t allowed to use or license its brand for use on phones until the middle of 2016. Microsoft isn’t using it on its smartphones (only on its cheapo feature phones) but that doesn’t mean than Nokia can use it just because MS isn’t doing so.
    Nokia can’t start marketing and promoting products “by the end of the year” or “in near future” as you claim, because the agreement prevents them from announcing any such products until its agreement with Microsoft expires.
    How do you expect them to announce a new phone when they don’t have the rights to use the name on that type of product yet? How do you expect them to start promoting and marketing products that they can’t announce? And even if they could, WHY would they even announce and market products this year that they can’t begin to actually sell until the middle of next year?
    Honestly, you guys on NPU come up with some real BS sometimes, but if you’re gonna make stuff up, you should at least double-check that it makes sense first.

    • Hemedans
      • SpankerOfMonkeys

        Oh good, another person who didn’t bother to read what I said.

        I never said that Nokia won’t ever release a phone. I said that they can’t release a phone, or begin marketing a phone, UNTIL NEXT YEAR due to the terms of the brand licensing agreement with Microsoft.

        Yes, they’re going to release a phone. No, they can’t do anything this year – which is what this article claims – and that was my point. Even Rajeev Suri – who knows more than me – says that their phones are coming NEXT YEAR.

    • Kamal

      Read “professional cameras” and “VR devices” coming soon.

    • JLIT99

      It wasn’t too long ago that people like yourself were claiming after the acquisition, there wouldn’t be a single consumer hardware device by Nokia.

      Then out of nowhere, the Nokia N1 came along. So instead of throwing your toys out of the pram here, go and complain to the Redmond mothership about why they got such a temporary deal from Nokia. 😛

      • SpankerOfMonkeys

        You’re putting words in my mouth, and then telling me what to do with them.
        I said nothing to claim that Nokia would never launch a new consumer device. It’s always been painfully obvious, given the limited terms of Nokia’s post-acquisition brand licensing agreement with Microsoft, that they would return to the devices market.
        If you’d care to read my comments more closely, you’d see that I was pointing out that they can’t do anything *until next year* – a fact that undermines this article’s claims that it will happen *this year*, which isn’t possible due to the agreement.
        It’s going to happen, but it can’t happen until next year. No-one said anything about it never happening, except you.

        • Kamal

          The upcoming websites and brand marketing campaign is not going to be smartphones exclusive but will be for keeping the brand momentum going. Phones are not coming before 2016 but VR devices and professional cameras can happen.

          • SpankerOfMonkeys

            Right. But not phones. And that’s what the article was about. It’s way too early to be talking about them releasing phones or marketing phones or doing anything with phones. So the article is wrong.
            That was my point – not that Nokia would NEVER make phones – just that the article was totally inaccurate in claiming that anything would happen THIS YEAR. And in fact, Nokia said yesterday that they’re not doing anything with phones until 2016, and they haven’t even picked a manufacturing partner yet.
            So let’s just accept that the article was wrong, and move on.

            • Kamal

              you assume too much.

  • JLIT99

    Great to see NPU always with the exclusive first!

    • Kamal

      great to see a nice comment 🙂