easy passwordThe Windows Phone app which has gone free next as myAppfree app of the day is Easy Password.

This app mamanages your passwords from SmartPhone , Tablet and PC and synchronizes all about OneDrive encrypting with AES algorithm for maximum security .

Easy Password Functions:

Access via a master password of your choice
-OneDrive synchronization of your password also on Tablet and PC using Easy Password Pro (Windows 8)
– Managing the maintenance log to the reactivation of the App
Useful in the case where there is an access with two-step verification on OneDrive .
-Entering password unlimited(only 10 in the free version)
-Auto-Copy password to clipboard without displaying
-Automatic redirection to releted url
-Automatic sending of your passwords on your mail (to also use them on your PC, laptop or tablet)
-Sync with SkyDrive
-Synchronization information into the Live Tile
-Quick Find your password
-No advertising(only in the full version)
Automatic access to OneDrive.

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