Here is a detailed imaging comparison that compares Nokia 9 PureView and the latest from Apple, iPhone 11 Pro cameras in all lighting conditions and also includes many different camera capturing modes like Landscape, macro, and others. We last covered a camera comparison between Nokia 9 PureView and Galaxy Note 10 Plus in all lighting/capturing conditions posted by YouTube channel WillitbeatNokia?.

You can watch the video that reiterates what we already know about Nokia 9 PureView’s camera. In daylight and sufficient lighting condition, images from Nokia 9 PureView are more detailed and appear more natural with accurate colors. The HDR range shown by Nokia 9 PureView is better than iPhone 11 Pro in tricky lighting conditions.

Even in low light, Nokia 9 PureView seems to do well only lagging a bit in extremely low-light scenes. HMD needs to bring Night Mode to Nokia 9 PureView soon and then perhaps we can see it crushing competitors in all lighting conditions.

Numerous comparisons against top camera smartphone competitors have established well how Nokia 9 PureView camera excels in sheer imaging quality.