Here is a detailed imaging comparison that compares Nokia 9 PureView and Galaxy Note 10 Plus cameras in all lighting conditions and also includes many different camera capturing modes like Landscape, macro, and others. We last covered a camera comparison between Nokia 9 PureView and Sony Xperia 1 in all lighting/capturing conditions posted by YouTube channel WillitbeatNokia?.

You can watch the video that easily re-establishes Nokia 9 PureView’s camera quality. Images from Nokia 9 PureView are more detailed and appear more natural with accurate colors. Even in low light, Nokia 9 PureView seems to do better than the Note 10 Plus in terms of capturing details only lagging a bit in extremely low-light scenes.

Nokia 9 PureView again shows its superiority in capturing Bokeh images where it has an upper hand because of its computational photography prowess.

Numerous comparisons against top camera smartphone competitors have established well how Nokia 9 PureView camera excels in sheer imaging quality.