Good news for Disney games lovers!!!

Nine popular Disney games for Windows Phone are free until June 17.Microsoft and Disney  offers nine kid-themed games, which normally cost over $17.

 Find the list of games available for free below,

  • Where’s My Perry? (free, normally $2.99) : Help Agent P use water in all its various forms–ice, steam, and liquid–to solve challenging physics-based puzzles.
  • Where’s My Water? (free, normally $1.99) : Guide water into Swampy the Alligator’s broken shower to help him take a shower in this amazing physics-based puzzle game. Remember, every drop counts!
  • Temple Run: Oz (free, normally $1.99): Run as both Oz and China Girl in this endless adventure inspired by the film “Oz the Great and Powerful.” Outrun shrieking, flying baboons and avoid obstacles by jumping and sliding your way across this magical land.
  • Temple Run: Brave (free, normally $1.99): Join Merida and King Fergus as you run, slide, jump, and shoot your targets in the wilds of Scotland and outrun Mordu, the demon bear, to win coins.
  • Disney Solitaire (free, normally $1.99): Challenge yourself to a unique game of solitaire as you travel through 120 levels of adventure based on the lands of “Peter Pan” and “The Lion King.”
  • “Where’s My Water?” Featuring XYY (free, normally $1.99): Join popular Chinese TV cartoon character XYY as he searches for his friends trapped in China’s underground city and attempts to beat the clumsy Big Bad Wolf.
  • Lost Light (free, normally $1.99) : Maneuver your way through forests and help cute animals restore light to the world in this puzzle adventure.
  • Disney Checkout Challenge (free, normally $0.99) : Grab groceries, scan barcodes, and become a checkout champion in this fast-paced scanning game.
  • Where’s My Mickey? (Free, normally $1.99) : Join Mickey Mouse, Disney’s most popular animated character, as you solve
    challenging puzzles using life-like physics-based gameplay. Use wind, clouds, and rain to maneuver through more than 100 levels inspired by Disney cartoons.
Source Link : Microsoft