cyberCyber Dust has received a new update for Windows Phone Devices. The new version is The latest update brings number of improvement and bug fixes .

Cyber Dust Changelog:

🚀 Several performance improvements.
🚀 Eliminated that annoying jittery movement in the dust and friends lists.
🚀 Clearing just the empty or all dust rooms is easy now.
🚀 The green message counter only shows the number of dusts in the room. A separate icon appears when there are blasts in the room.
🚀 When typing a +username in a dust or a blast text, matching friends are now a tap away, eliminating misspelled user names.
🚀 We’ve improved message encryption.
And, we’ve fixed several bugs you’ve reported to us.

Those who don’t know about this app check out the details below:

Cyber Dust lets you communicate freely and openly with anyone, anywhere.

Discover and follow likeminded individuals, celebrities, athletes and professionals all in one place. Connect with friends, family and people you follow with secure disappearing messages, photos and video. You can message one to one and in group chats.

Engage with your followers by blasting out content to everyone and receiving private personal responses. Build a community around a team, industry, interest or location. Cyber Dust makes it easy to connect, share, be inspired, and inspire others.

**Cyber Dust prevents capturing QuickTime Screencasts on OSX Yosemite using our exclusive patent pending technology**

Other great features include:
Blast messages, videos, and photos to all your followers
Fully encrypted messages are never touch a hard drive
Detection of who can and can’t screenshot
Screenshot notifications
Share photos, videos, stickers, emojis and more
Group messaging with 100+ friends at once
User profiles now have a bio and website link
Securely send your location
Create custom blast lists and organize your friends
Sent and Read confirmations

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