Premiership-2-576x1024Cortana, the soothsayer has earned quite a name in predicting outcomes of first “World cup Football matches” followed by many other prestigious tournaments for other games, all thanks to the Bing Prediction Engine. It has now added one more feather to its cap with its new-found ability to predict English Premier league.

This is how it works,

Now, starting this week Cortana will bring those Bing Predictions to Windows Phone 8.1, enabling football fans to access Bing’s latest tips at the touch of a button.

Using Windows Phone, you can ask your very own personal assistant who will win any upcoming Premier League match. Cortana will provide a prediction based on Bing’s data modelling that uses a combination of sources including online social sentiment, search trends and historical game data.  Here are some questions you can ask Cortana:

Predict (insert team name) match

Who will win the match between (insert team name) and (insert team name)?

Will (insert team name) beat (insert team name)?