core musicThe app that will go free as the myAppFree app of the day is Core Music Player. This is the ultimate file based music player where you can play and manage the music files in any folders on your phone include SD card directly in the app.

Here are the deal details.

Name: Core Music Player
Developer: BlueFish
Standard Price: $1.99
Promotion Price: $0.00
Start date: 8th July
End date: 10th July

Core Music Player Features:

Supported playback file types –
mp3, mp4, aac, flac, wav, wma, 3gp, 3g2, amr, m4a, mpr

– File management –
open, delete, rename, copy, move any type of file (by option)

– Folder management –
create, delete, rename, copy, move non-system folders

– Folder navigation –
favorite folders, expanded sd card folders, go back, go previous, go forward, open containing folder,

– Music library –
artists, albums, songs, genres, years, background sync

– Selecting to play –
single or multiple files, playlists, history, single or multiple folders, including or excluding entire subfolders

– Reordering playlist and NowPlaying –
shuffle, sort by name, manual redorder, restore original sequence, overriding player sequence mode, duplicate, remove duplication, find in list

– Misc features –
search / history / sleep timer / pin playlist to start / pin folder to start / playback control tiles / show state on the live tile / local volume control

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