city art searchCity Art Search app has received a new update for Windows Phone Devices. The new version is The update brings lots of new features, some minor bug fixes, data refinement, and the addition of more artwork to the database.

City Art Search Changelog:

Live Tile can now show up to five images at any one time. It will change the image every few seconds or so. The oldest image in the list gets replaced at a frequency specified in the settings e.g. every hour. Added an option in the settings to not show the information on the reverse side of the Live Tile i.e. only images are shown. The Lock-Screen can now show the art information for the background image. To do this, go to Settings -> Lock Screen and choose ‘City Art Search’ as the app to show detailed status. It actually shows the first three lines of art information for the freshest image in the Wide Live Tile. Note that the third line in the Wide Live Tile is actually blank space – we wanted a line between the Signature and the Gallery so it’s easier to read on the Wide Live Tile. A consequence of this is that the Gallery information won’t be visible on the Lock Screen, only the Title & Signature. Also, note that if you choose to have only images displayed on the Live Tile, or if you chose it to be ‘Icon Only’, art information won’t be visible on the Lock Screen. Another caveat is that there is no point selecting ‘City Art Search’ to show ‘quick status’ on the Lock Screen from the Phone Settings. This badge will never get updated. We had to include it, so that we could show art information as detailed status on the Lock Screen. Another known issue is that the ‘Live Tile Art’ button in the App Settings will only return a single search result for the freshest image added to the Live Tile list. We’ll fix this soon, so that it will return a set of results for all the images cycling through the Live Tile. We still need to roll out an update for this to sync with the Windows 8.1 Store app. We’ll get to this soon. Tweaked the UX. Some minor bug fixes, data refinement, and the addition of more artwork to the database.

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