Nokia had many Nokia X series of Android smartphones in pipeline when Microsoft acquired its D&S division. Some of them were very interesting and the upcoming portfolio had very promising mid-rangers and even Flagships as per our sources. But they were cancelled by Microsoft subsequently with a plan to bring them as Lumias.

Now a new leak in China reveals what may have been the Nokia XL2 with a 5-inch, 720p display. But what is most interesting about this leaked device is that it looks like the twin brother of Lumia 930 in terms of design. Similar metal frame, similar thickness and dimensions. What makes things clear here is the frontal capacitive buttons design and placement which makes it clear that the prototype belonged to Nokia X series.

Coming to the Nokia XL2 name, we have earlier seen mention of this name when many prototypes were leaked in an image in China.

Thanks Nokibar for the tip. Cheers!!