HMD in collaboration with Simplesurance has launched insurance plans for Nokia Android Phones. These insurance plans are only available in European markets for now. There are two kinds of insurance plans available for all phones. One is for 12-months and another one is for a 24-months duration.

The insurance amount varies depending upon the smartphone to be insured and the market.

Benefits & Coverage:

Here is the list of benefits and coverage. You can go to the Nokia Simpleasuranc site for reading more and buying insurance.

  • Breakage (e.g. display breakage)
  • Damage due to incorrect use
  • Damage by drops and falls
  • Excessive voltage, induction
  • Sabotage and vandalism
  • 24h online claim reporting
  • Toll-free customer support
  • Worry free claim process
  • Worldwide coverage for claim handling