Two more interesting changes that we could notice in Windows 10 Mobile Build 14367 apart from two we shared below already.

  • Now Cortana has the Mobile-PC notification mirroring settings listed for individual apps as can be seen in the screenshot above. So, now you can control for which app you want to sync notifications from Mobile to PC. Go to Cortana Home–>Settings—>Edit Sync Settings.
  • This one looks interesting. Now if you long-press on quick-action buttons like “Location” and Battery in action center and it will take you to settings you will see the related quick action surrounded by a box. Check the second screenshot above.

Build 14367 new unreported changes

So, two interesting new Windows 10 Mobile Build 14367 features / changes have been spotted by one of our regular readers.

Windows 10 Mobile Build 14367 New Changes:

  • Set images as LockScreen / Background directly from Photos app is back. This feature was removed in Build 14361 but seems better sense prevailed and it is back with Build 14367.
  • Microsoft mentioned in the official changelog, “Quick Actions in Action Center that turn on and off different functionality in your device, like Bluetooth on your phone or Tablet Mode on your PC, now have a transient On/Off text indicator so you can clearly see the state change for these.” Now you can see what it means in the screenshot above.

Thanks Suresh for the tip. Cheers!!