The latest Windows 10 Mobile Redstone Build 14332 is here for Insiders in Fast Ring and while it wasn’t supposed to bring any changes we just noticed one very interesting new feature for Cortana. You can change the Cortana language right in Cortana Home all thanks to a new option provided in its Settings. Cortana keeps working on your device even if you change its language to available options English UK, US, Australia or Canada.

How it works:

  • Launch Cortana, go to Settings—>Cortana language and choose the language you want to
  • You will be shown a warning “Since your region and language don’t match it is possible that you won’t get all of the Cortana goodies.
  • Tap on yes and you are done. Cortana US or UK or others will be available right there. For Indian users good news is that Music search becomes available if you change to US and UK.
  • If you have changed your default Cortana language to something else you will get an option to reset to default language.

This option is available in Windows 10 Build 14332 for PC as well, we can confirm.