In this tutorial we have covered and demoed how to change Search Engine in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 Mobile from the default Bing to Google and others like Wikipedia. You can check the video tutorial as well.

How To change Edge search engine to Google & others: 

First of all, navigate to any search engine like “Google” in the browser. Now go to advanced settings and tap on “change” below “search in address bar with Bing” option. Now you should be able to change your search engine. Check our hands-on video for doing it if you are not able to do it yourself.

Build 10572 Edge.2

Video demo of Microsoft Edge’s Search Engine change & other features:

We just reported many unlisted changes that Windows 10 Mobile Build 10572 brings with itself. Now, we just checked¬† the Microsoft Edge browser and seems there are many unlisted changes including search engine change to Google, that the browser’s new version brings in Build 10572. Check our hand-on video and test below to see it all in action.

  • Sharing has moved to the vertical part of the bottom pivot menu and favorites, Reading List, History and Downloads listed separately at the bottom. Though once you tap on them, the four options moves to the top, and we feel it would be better to still have them at the bottom.
  • Bing now offers search suggestions when you type anything in address bar. Even if you change you address bar search engine to Google, search suggestions still come from Bing.
  • Favorites can be synced now across devices. You can toggle it on or off.
  • If a site has side bar then it can be now accessed or hidden by tapping on right or left >> << indicators as shown in the screenshot above.