So, here we are with changes (official & unknown) that Windows 10 Mobile Build 10549.4 brings and we will also share our first impressions of the build that landed after some long waiting time since the last build 10536.

Build 10549.4 changes with screenshots:

Skype Messaging & Video integration:

Skype messaging landscape

Messaging skype

Size of text, apps & other items:

You can change the text and tiles size by using the slider given in Display settings. In fact if you are on a device like Lumia 920 or 1020 that only supports 3 columns of medium live tiles will support four column of tiles if we put the slider to minimum. Check the screenshots from my Lumia 1020 below.

Build 0549.4.2

Build 10549.4.10

Build 10549.4.11

Diverse emoji:

Unicode’s diversity emoji’s are here.


Changes in developer options:

USB EEM option is gone and now you can see “Web Discovery” option there.

Build 10549.3

zStorage is gone from settings (Build 10536.1004):

Build 10549.4.1

Microsoft Edge:

New proxy set-up option. Hide IP addresses over local WebRTC connections. HTML5 score further jumps to 457, the highest yet for Edge.

Build 10549.9

Build 10549.4.7

Build 10549.4.8

More screenshots:

Build 10549.4.9  Build 10549.4

Windows 10 Mobile Build 10549.4 first impressions:

  • The build comes with its own share of known issues that you can read here.
  • The first experience after the update is not exactly awe-inspiring!! If you updated and are facing issues, better need to do a hard reset.
  • Hard Reset fixes many issues including crashes.
  • Performance wise it is promising and remains stable after hard reset. But as we always say, better to check for some days and then talk about it.
  • Lock Screen bug completely fixed
  • Mail works fine. Messaging app is more stable than its previous versions.
  • Lumia 1020 has Lumia Camera working now for it.

In a nutshell, Windows 10 Mobile Build 10549.4 looks good and runs well (especially after the hard reset). But it needs to be evaluated more . We will share our detailed hands-on review after playing with the build for some days.