Google Play Windows 10 Mobile

We have earlier covered in detail how enthusiasts succeeded in sideloading Android apps on Windows 10 Mobile and later a easier way was found to do so even for apps with Google services requirements. We had even shared a list of Android apps running on Windows 10 Mobile.

But seem with the onset of latest Build 10536.1004, Microsoft patched the OS in such a way that it became impossible to run or install Android applications. But like always XDA community has find a solution and now it is possible to install and run Android apps again on Windows 10 Mobile Build 10536.1004.

Android apps on Build 10536 tutorial:

1 – Extract (using latest WinRAR or 7zip, for example) the contents of the this attachment somewhere;

2 – Copy everything from the extracted “Tools” folder to the folder where you currently have the wconnect tool;

3 – In your phone, go to developer settings, enable “Device discovery”, and choose “Unpair all” to remove previous pairing info;

4 – In your PC, make sure no process called “wconnectsrv” is running (use Windows Task Manager), and then use the new wconnect tool, and pair the phone again;

4 – In your phone, uninstall current Android applications;

5 – Reinstall them using the new wconnect tool, in the same way you did before;

When trying to install an application, adb could return the error of [DELETING_EXISTING_APPLICATIONDATA_STORE_FAILED] . In that case, restart the phone, and try again.

Check our earlier tutorial for how it was done before. Here is our guest video tutorial to refresh your memories. Keep in mind it can still harm your device, so risk and fun are all yours!!