Windows 10 Mobile Build 10136 is here and while it brings many changes, not all of them are elaborated in the official changelog. So here we are with some of the major changes or new features that have arrived with Build 10136 but are mostly unlisted in the official changelog. Mind you there are many more features / changes and we will cover them in our next articles most probably with hands-on videos. So, stay tuned!!

UI changes:

  • New Icons for settings, Quick action buttons in Action Center and even for unpinning and resizing of the apps on Start screen.
  • Search button has become a search bar in the app list
  • Small changes in the multitasking layout. New close button and the background image is now visible in multitasking view.
  • Revamped Landscape mode in Settings (Only for 720p and 1080p display devices).

wp_ss_20150617_0001wp_ss_20150617_0006 wp_ss_20150617_0003 wp_ss_20150617_0014wp_ss_20150617_0016wp_ss_20150617_0015 Digital Video Stabilization & Camera app revamp:

  • Digital Video stabilization, a much-needed feature for Lumia devices without OIS has arrived and as we have earlier seen it works really well in stabilizing the video capture.
  • Camera app has been updated to 5.31.0 and it has revamped UI.
  • Again lots of new icons can be seen along with change in the way you access the settings, and good news is that it is back to old ways and you can access the settings from extreme right pivot.

wp_ss_20150617_0011 wp_ss_20150617_0010 wp_ss_20150617_0009 wp_ss_20150617_0008 wp_ss_20150617_0006 wp_ss_20150617_0005Native Printing & print to PDF feature:

wp_ss_20150617_0013 wp_ss_20150617_0012As we said there is much more to come in terms of Build 10136 coverage. You can read our Build 101036 coverage by clicking here and stay tuned for more.