Some new changes in Build 10080 that were not covered in the official changelog:

getting startedGet started app has been there on earlier builds of Windows 10 Mobile but it never worked. That has changed with the latest build 10080 that has brought working get started app. As yo can see in the above screenshots the app has a nice look and an UI that resembles to latest “Hamburger” menu design of Windows 10 native apps likes of File explorer.

Transparency Slider, Theme, Colors options:

wp_ss_20150514_0012 wp_ss_20150514_0014New mobile Hotspot option to pair with other device:

wp_ss_20150514_0010Mouse control option:

wp_ss_20150514_0009New schedule restart option:

wp_ss_20150514_0007Phone update setting can be pinned and new search settings options:wp_ss_20150514_0004wp_ss_20150514_0006We will update with more changes as we find more. Do let us know if you have been able to find some cool changes with the new build.