So, Belle FP2 is here and installed on my 808 PureView. I am certainly loving the “boost in smartphone user experience” it has brought along. There are some new features which I am certainly loving.

  • The “swipe to unlock” feature for unlocking the phone.
  • Smoother and more fluid UI experience and better animations.
  • Better Browser with  much smoother Panning/Zooming/Scrolling and faster page rendering. Opera loses its mandatory tag after testing new Browser of Belle FP2. Yup, it is so good :).
  • Excellent Keyboard with new design for both Qwerty and T9 Keypad. Multi-touch, very good prediction.
  • New Gallery features like image resolution appearing on top of the image and by clicking on the resolution, you can see all capture details of the image.
  • Gallery’s multiple marking and landscape option restored and it is smoother than ever.
  • Social application has also got updated after the Belle FP2 installation and it has  two new buttons on the Social widget, Refresh and News feed. Also when you add a new account, it asks for your permission for linking your networking friends to contacts. It will inform you about the number of contacts which were linked to social networking friends from a specific account.