bbm beta

BBM Beta update v210.0.0.5 is rolling out now for the Windows Phone Beta app. This is a significant update and brings channel support and known issues. Read the full changelog below.

BBM Beta update v210.0.0.5 Changelog:

In This Build

Channels is here! Look forward to:

·         Channels Pivot on the Home Page

·         Channels Hub

·         Channels Details

·         Invite to Channel option

·         Channel Profile

·         My Channel

·         Channel Post details

·         …and more Channels features!

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Known Issues

·         BBM crashes when attempting to add avatar to group

·         Restarting BBM brings up the “Find friends” screen intermittently

·         BBM crashes and user cannot create Channel on Windows Nokia 530 device

·         Applications takes a long time to load featured/owned/subscribed channels on HTC devices

·         Image post is broken

·         Hype count in feeds screen is not correct

·         Feeds tab do not splat on channel or contact updates

·         Channels avatar cannot be changed

·         BBM crashes when user try to add image to add post on Nokia 530 device

·         Featured Channel header and images not loading in the discover page

·         Channel search results shows incorrect search count

·         Channel post report time is incorrect in the report tile

·         Pinning a channel from channel chat screen do not work

·         Channel chat hours cannot be changed more than once

·         Cannot add camera photos or screenshots to add image post

·         Time is not updated for adding post or comments

·         Subscriber counts for channels in the search page is not clearly visible

·         Channel names are not in alphabetical order in the My Channels and Subscribed Channels page

·         Clicking on sent/received sticker in the chat screen freezes BBM

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