apps.58182.13510798884058960.9b01dc20-adf1-46ec-989c-74b1b489778b.9871b219-a336-499f-b3f8-68b9039b60c6The Windows phone app which has gone free next as myAppFree app of the day is Baldify – Go Bald.

This app designed to satisfy your curiosity on how you might look with a bald spot. It will take your photo and convert it to a version that has a lot less hair.

Baldify – Go Bald Details:

Take a selfie and Baldify will make you bald. From a combover to textbook male pattern baldness, Baldify not only accelerates your hair loss, but also let’s you see yourself bald in tons of hilariously realistic ways. Be Alfalfa, try the “Friar” effect for a more “holy” look or even add a birthmark to your chrome dome for a truly iconic bald style.

Fully animated, your hairless-self will even smile, blink, yawn and more. Make yourself, friends and family bald, then send them a video/photo of their comb-over via Skype, Viber, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, MMS, YouTube, Email, Gmail, and more. (depending on what applications you have installed on your phone)

Even combine Old + Beard + Fat effects when you also have Oldify, Beardify or Fatify installed on your device!

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