Asus Zenfone Zoom with 3X optical zoom aimed at Lumia 1020, even sports similar camera hump

zenfone zoomThis caught our attention, as many have reported Asus’s latest camera-centric smartphone Zenphone Zoom, with an obvious mention of Lumia 1020. Surprisingly if you look at the back, that hump certainly reminds you of Lumia 1020’s camera hump. Though the similarities end here and both the cameras are much different in many aspects.

Unlike Lumia 1020, Zenfone Zoom comes with only 13 MP camera and without oversampling to provide that amazingly detailed PureView image quality. But its claim to glory is its 3X optical camera zoom in a 11.95 thin body. Now, this makes us quickly mention Samsung’s 2nd attempt to imaging crown, Samsung Galaxy K Zoom with a 10X optical zoom. Even with a 10X optical zoom it was still not able to match the Lumia 1020 in imaging quality.

So, while 3X optical zoom in a relatively thin body is fine, with a 20 MP camera, great imaging quality and 2X digital zoom in even thinner bodies Lumia 930 and Lumia 1520 still look like formidable challengers to Asus Zenfone.


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  • Fausto

    With Lagdroid on it?
    (sarcasm On)Yeah sure, they will be a certain rival against the Lumias…(sarcasm Off)
    The Yess Billy 5S looks more impressive than this.