asphalat overdrive

Asphalt Overdrive game has received a new update for Windows phone Devices. The new version is The update brings minor bug fixes, Joyride race and New Storyline and Tutorial.

Asphalt Overdrive Changelog:

What’s New:

2 New Cars: Shatter all limits with the Renault Alpine A110 and Hypersport.

Joyride race: How long can you last against the clock? Keep hitting Checkpoint gates to survive ! You can even use cars above your level in this brand- new game mode!

New Storyline and Tutorial: Learn to Master Boosts and the Combo system to score 3Stars on every mission.

Open Gangs : You can allow any player to join your Gang instantly!

Bug Fixes& Optimization : We have corrected bugs with energy Refills, fast swipes in the Garage, and small issues. We also Improved responsiveness, and the cars can now moved in the air!

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