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I have MoliPlayer Pro on my Lumia 925 for quite sometime now and with every update it has become much better than before. So, after the latest update, I though of sharing my impressions of the media player app with you. This is first all-format video player for Windows Phone and it hasn’t disappointed me yet and played all the file types I have thrown at it. It easily identifies the videos on your phone and lists them for your use. One can use its wifi transfer for transferring videos from one’s pc to phone and that works well. The SD card support is also a great feature and it creates separate folders for music and videos. Subtitles support has improved in latest updates an it is much more reliable now.

When it comes to audio though, I see an issue where it doesn’t recognize any of the music files on my Lumia, so may be that’s a note for developers. Anyways the latest update adds many video player feature extensions like,

1. Playback in various modes, including loop, shuffle, continuous, and single loop etc.

2. Files searchable by first letter (when there are more than 10 files sorted by name)

3. Changes audio track during playback

4. Changes subtitles during playback

5. Changes playback speed, slow motion & fast motion during playback

6. Supports customization of buttons on the control panel

7. Displays battery indicator during playback

8. Displays playlist to select another video or music during playback

Best part is the “try and buy” option and it offers a trial period of 15 days. So, go ahead and try this app. It is certainly the best video player for Windows Phone and may continue being so, until VLC player hits store in future.

Moliplayer link

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