Popular app-discovery app AppRaisin has received a new update in Windows Store.With the latest update, AppRaisin brings in a possibility to edit headlines and descriptions of your news articles. Comments could be edited as well. It will help to avoid typos and update articles when more details become available on what’s really have changed.

AppRaisin Changelog:

And here is full Change Log for AppRaisin v1.10.1

  • New features

o   Edit your own news article headline and description. You can do it by pressing “pencil” icon or double-clicking your headline or description

o   Displays when news was edited last time in news details form

o   Edit your own comments and replies. You can do it by selecting “Edit comment” from more menu or double-clicking your own comment.

  • Improvements

o   Now it will be easier to share your favorite news with your friends after publishing or raising it.

o   Request a feature button integrated in “App Info” form as well

o   Refactored error messages in a main view lists.

  • Bug Fixes

o   Validation error was staying even when you started updating it in Create account form

o   Users were getting success notification about pinned tile even if users have canceled it in OS dialog

o   Fixed issues with Profile picture update. Error messages was not displayed correctly

o   Fixed issues with switching-off push notifications

o   Other small fixes and optimizations

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