The availability of Android Pie official update for Nokia 6.1 and 6.1 Plus is expanding now to more variants and markets. Initial roll-out has been limited and even in markets like India not all variants/Build numbers received the update simultaneously.

But now more Nokia 6.1 Plus owners in India are reporting update availability for their devices. Coming to Nokia 6.1 availability now it is available in the USA as well apart from other markets where it was already available.

Do let us know in comments of you have received the update recently on your Nokia 6.1 and 6.1 Plus.

All the changes and new features:

The Android 9 Pie Beta update brings the majority of Android 9 Pie changes and features to Nokia 7 Plus. The major changes and features include all-new gesture-based navigation option, lots of UI changes, Notification improvements, Settings revamp, usability improvements and much more.

You can read the complete list of official changes and new features that Android 9 Pie brings by clicking here.

Check our hands-on video of Nokia 7 Plus and 6.1 Plus running the Beta version of Android 9 Pie by clicking here and here.