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Android Oreo update for Nokia 8 now available. Update Schedule & changelog

HMD has started rolling out Android Oreo update for Nokia 8 now. The update has become available in many markets including India now. But HMD has phased the update roll-out over the next 2 days. If your Nokia 8 is linked to an operator it may roll-out a week later for your phone.

As you can see in the screenshot above, Android Oreo for Nokia 8 is around 1.5GB in size. You can update only using Wi-Fi connection.

Detailed Changelog:

Android Oreo is a significant update that brings many new features and also a number of improvements in the Android user experience. In case you want to read and watch all new Android Oreo features and changes in action, you can check our article with hands-on demo video here.


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  • Sergiu lau

    2 days and still no oreo, and it’s not linked to an operator it was order from internet. what is wrong with my TA 1004?

  • Jackson Wong

    Second day, still not receive the Oreo update yet. AT-1052

  • Hansz

    Dit get the Oreo update 24 hours ago. (Netherlands) and I was also beta tester. I can see and notice that Nokia did listen to his betatesters. It works very smooth. Happy with it.

  • Sankar Pillay Hovelly

    Nayan, is it possible to make a comparison video on some other changes like boot time and camera?

  • Keith B

    I think there is something wrong with my Nokia 8 as I haven’t had an update since September. Their support is very bad when you question them. They give some generic reply then close the case. The Twitter support don’t even answer your tweets. The live chat via the Support app have no knowledge. Beginning to regret this phone. High spec chipset with poor camera. Worst UI of any camera app I have ever used.

    • Abhimanyu Chauhan

      YOU are here also.dont brag here and on gsmarena

      • Abhimanyu Chauhan

        btw do hard reset.surely it will help

        • Keith B

          I don’t want to be resetting every month to get the updates.

        • Keith B

          Tried another SIM card. Still the same. Then tried with no SIM again and October update came in. Then followed November. Hopefully Oreo will follow soon. At least I didn’t have to reset.

      • Keith B

        What do you mean brag? Why can’t I go on Gsmarena and NPU.

    • Hacklove666

      Use google cam apk , way better .

    • Rob Beijendorf

      Nokia are working on the new “Nokia Pro Cam” application, and are more than likely to bring out camera updates for the Nokia 8 as they refine their algorithm. They seem to take software support seriously, unlike many other companies.

      As for the update, have you tried both a soft and a hard reboot? Were you a member of the Beta Labs program? Are you connected to WiFi when you attempt to update? If you’ve disabled updates via mobile connections, that could be the problem. Otherwise it may be a software bug that makes your phone fail to check for the updates, and a reset will resolve the issue permanently.

      And you don’t need to reset every month to receive updates. This sounds like a very isolated issue that will be resolved as soon as the underlying issue is fixed.
      I’ve personally had this issue on two other handsets I’ve been using (One HTC and one Lumia). Resetting the phones have resolved the issue in both cases, and allowed the handset to successfully identify and download all future updates.

      • Keith B

        Thanks for your advice. Have got the security updates now by removing the SIM card then putting in another carrier. Then removed that card and updates came in. I think it is a combination of carrier and Nokia. The phone was bought SIM free. Hopefully Oreo will follow soon. I always use WiFi and put phone on charge before attempting any OS updates.

  • Hacklove666

    Downloading right now