This is the third in the series of comparisons pitting Android N, the upcoming Android OS update from Google against Windows 10 Mobile Redstone aka Anniversary update, the upcoming Windows 10 Mobile update from Microsoft. Both Android N and Windows 10 Mobile Redstone are in the preview phase and nearing release status, Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary update though will be released in July while Android N release is planned for sometime in Q3, 2016.

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In this video comparison, we tackle the more difficult part of the overall comparison; namely Performance comparison. It is always difficult to talk about relative performance while comparing two OSes as it can be controversial. Every OS has its strengths and weaknesses and we have compared general performance including navigation, Multitasking, Apps handling, browsing between Android N and Windows 10 Mobile. And also keep in mind that both the OSes are still in Beta. Also Nexus 5X is a high-end smartphone while Lumia 640 XL is a mid-ranger (Processor wise too).

  • Both OSes handle the general navigation part with ease and remain fluid. We didn’t notice any lag during daily operations demo.
  • We haven’t seen crashes, lags and other issues while during our hands-on time with both the devices.
  • Windows 10 Mobile has a very minor advantage in terms speed of Apps resume from background but Android N show more uniformity across response to even resuming heavy games, while Windows 10 Mobile needs some improvement in case of resume of games from background.
  • Settings and Action / Notification Centers offer good experience on both the devices while navigating though them.
  • Browsers on both the devices are capable and you will enjoy using any one of them. They renders pages fast and panning, zooming, scrolling etc works so well. Chrome however handles some scripts better than Microsoft Edge, while Edge seems better in one-handed use with easy to reach Tabs and options like swipe page navigation.