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Sometime back in an interview, Michael Halbherr, Nokia’s executive vice president for Here business said that Nokia will supply maps to anyone without their own mapping asset.

The company is looking to get its Here digital map service into more cellphones, more cars and more big companies that use the service to track products and people, Michael Halbherr, Nokia’s executive vice president for location and commerce for Here business, said in an interview.

“Our strategy is straight, most companies out there don’t have a map asset,” said Mr. Halbherr, who reports to Nokia Chairman Risto Siilasmaa. “We have become a neutral supplier to everybody who doesn’t have their own map asset.”

Now, seems Nokia is really going ahead with this strategy as after Jolla’s Sailfish OS, it will also power rival Samsung’s Tizen OS. In a tweet today, Nokia has confirmed this saying,

 Actually the word maps-related functionalities in above tweet may have broader meaning and may mean integration of Here Maps to the Tizen OS. With, Samsung developing Tizen as the means to reduce dependability on Android, it is natural for Google to not support and Here ( Nokia ) to support it as a map maker :).

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